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The Aristotle Institute of the Triad exists to coach, mentor and train everyone who attends, to achieve excellence in dentistry. Our educational goals are as follows:


  • To provide licensed sedation dentists with continuing education to satisfy the requirements to maintain licensure.

  • To provide comprehensive training for licensed sedation dentists seeking to upgrade to an IV Moderate Conscious Sedation permit.

  • To provide general dentists with continuing education that demonstrates leading implant placement and restoration techniques.

  • To provide management and leadership training for dentists and staff seeking the growth and development required to move them to the next level of success. 


The Aristotle Institute is an approved AGD PACE program provider.

Kaye Bonnick

Managing Director


‘Wears many hats’ is a phrase often used to describe Kaye.   In addition to being the Managing Director at The Aristotle Institute, Kaye is also a John Maxwell trained leadership consultant and coach. Kaye’s foray into leadership started at an early age throughout high school and has followed her through life. She started her career with the multinational entity, 3M Inc. Kaye was always recognized for being “able to see the big picture”. From that big picture perspective, The Aristotle Institute was launched to meet the continuing education needs of dentists, not only within North Carolina, but nationwide.


Kaye holds a Bachelor of Science in Management, a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance, a Graduate Diploma in Accounting, and a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction.   She is also the author of “Why Too Big to Fail? – How the Regulatory System Failed the American People”.


Kaye is very passionate about education and developing individuals so that the larger group can benefit and progress. She gets great joy from working with individual clients but her greatest joy comes from being ‘Mom’ to two very smart and talented children.  

Bertrand Bonnick

Course Director

As Course Director for the Aristotle Institute, Dr. Bonnick is responsible for the development and management of the programs offered. Dr. Bonnick is a 1986 graduate of the first dental college in the world, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. Through his hard work and faculty recommendations, he was able to obtain a general practice residency at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in New York. Long Island Jewish has a large dental program with 47 Dental Residents and over 150 Attendings. The hospital boasts specialty programs in oral surgery, oral pathology, pediatric dentistry, geriatric dentistry and dental anesthesia.


Dr. Bonnick spent his first year doing on-call with the oral surgery residents every third or fourth night, and was offered a second year to be chief-resident in general dentistry. After completing his year as chief resident where he was in the operating room every week, as well as training new residents, Dr. Bonnick was asked to stay on as an instructor in the program. In 1991 he was voted Attending of the Year by the residents who give the award to the instructor they thought they learned the most from.


In 2003, Dr. Bonnick moved to North Carolina with his family. He completed the Maxi-course in implant dentistry at Medical College of Georgia in 2004, and completed the IV sedation course at Montifiore hospital in Bronx New York. He has since received several credentials for his outstanding work in continuing education:

  1. Mastership in the Academy of General Dentistry

  2. Associate Fellow in the American Academy of Implant Dentistry

  3. He became the first North Carolina Diplomate in the Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation

As busy as he is, he has written 3 novels, the last one being “How to Overcome Fear of the Dentist”. He has dedicated his life to overcoming dental fear and helping his colleagues and other dentists learn the art of helping those who fear the dentist.


Dee Anderson
Certified, Health Coach

Executive Assistant

In addition to her duties at the Institute, which include coordinating seminars, Dee is the bookkeeper for Dr. Bertrand Bonnick’s dental practice.   Her office career started at the age of 16 working part-time as a bookkeeper for an auto service center while still in high school.  She has worked in various offices in schools, manufacturing companies, newspaper publication, and other industries.  Dee’s career was on hold for a while to be a stay-at-home mom and for home schooling.


A proud mother of 6 grown children (4 girls/2 boys) and 7 precious grandchildren (6 girls/1 boy), Dee loves spending treasured 

moments with them.  As an avid gardener, she enjoys preserving organic food for her family to enjoy throughout the year. Dee gets enthusiastic about sharing with others the importance of eating healthy and knowing what harmful ingredients are found in many of the “foods” we are eating today. 


Dee lives on a Homestead with her husband, 1 dog, 3 cats and 22 chickens.  Life is good! 



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